Corporation for Public Broadcasting Compliance

Board of Trustees of the University of Oregon

Station KWAX Governing Body is the Board of Trustees of the University of Oregon:


Expiration Date


Steve Holwerda

June 30, 2027

Board Chair

Marcia Aaron

June 30, 2025

Board Vice-Chair

Jenny Ulum

June 30, 2026


Connie Seeley

June 30, 2027


Dennis Worden

June 30, 2025


Andy Storment

June 30, 2027


Tim Boyle

June 30, 2025


Elisa deCastro Hornecker

June 30, 2027


Toya Fick

June 30, 2025


Renee Evans Jackman

June 30, 2025


Amy Tykeson

June 30, 2027


Lillian Moses

June 30 2024

Non-Faculty Staff

Ruby Wool

June 30, 2025


Karl Scholz


Ex-Officio, University President

Ed Madison

June 30, 2025


All trustees can be reached through the Board Secretary Office:



Board of Trustees Meetings

KWAX Station Employees

Greg Raschio
General Manager

Peter van de Graaff
Music Director

Rocky Lamanna
Programming and Operations

Diversity Statement

At Station KWAX, we are committed to diversity and inclusion so we can support the diverse Western Oregon community. We strive to reflect this commitment through all our platforms and formats and at all levels of our organization. This Diversity Statement is in addition to the commitment to diversity and inclusion that all University of Oregon departments and programs strive for.

Diversity and Inclusion goals for Station KWAX include:

  • To recruit and retain a diverse workforce that is representative of our service area.
  • To provide equal opportunity in employment.
  • To educate our management and staff annually in best practices for maintaining an inclusive and diverse environment for all persons.
  • To assist in developing a more diverse future workforce with professional skills in the broadcasting/media industry by recruiting diverse candidates for any internship and work-study student opportunities that may be made available.

KWAX diversity and inclusion efforts going forward will focus on:

  • A commitment to include diverse topics including race, gender, disability, geography, religious belief, age, culture, sexual orientation, physicality, education, professional experience and socio-economic status in the regular and special programming we offer.
  • Recruitment efforts to broaden the diversity of our staff when job opportunities are available by seeking out qualified candidates from diverse backgrounds and who have diverse perspectives.
  • Engagement with our listeners to understand and respect unique perspectives and experiences to continually improve our broadcasts.
  • An annual review with the university’s Board of Trustees to ensure our practices are designed to fulfill KWAX’s commitment to diversity and inclusion and annual training for all KWAX employees on harrassment, diversity, and inclusion to ensure compliance with federal and state laws; including FCC, the station’s Equal Employment Opportunity Policy, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s Diversity Eligibility Criteria

KWAX is committed to bringing in more people from diverse backgrounds. KWAX’s goal to diversity and inclusion spreads from hiring diverse people to connecting with diverse audience members. KWAX employees will engage in diversity and inclusions training. This training will help KWAX become more diverse and inclusive so that our employees and audience members can feel valued and empowered to contribute their ideas and perspectives to KWAX. 

Our diversity and inclusion objectives, and progress towards achieving them, will be assessed annually to ensure they align with our service and talent objectives.

Updated January 4, 2024.

2023 Local Content and Services Report for KWAX Classical Oregon is available HERE.


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