KWAX On-Air Programming

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Midnight Beethoven Network
1:00 am  
2:00 am  
3:00 am  
4:00 am  
5:00 am  
6:00 am Classical Works
7:00 am with Aaron Cain
8:00 am  
9:00 am KWAX music with Peter van de Graaff
10:00 am  
11:00 am  
1:00 pm Listener's Choice with Rocky Lamanna
2:00 pm  
3:00 pm  
4:00 pm  
5:00 pm Picture Perfect with Ross Amico
6:00 pm Millenium of Music
7:00 pm Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin
8:00 pm Cleveland
9:00 pm Orchestra
10:00 pm Classical Works
11:00 pm with Aaron Cain